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Nutrition Wellness Center Sarasota: Targeting Toxins, Improving Health

Nutrition-Wellness-Targeting-ToxinsNutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota provides clients with highly personalized services. The care plans created by Dr. James Martin and the rest of the team are tailored to the needs of each individual. As such, the professionals at the center are able to help clients detoxify their bodies, lose weight, and improve their nutrition.

Toxins, particularly, are a primary concern for Dr. Martin. Author of the book How Toxic Are You?, Dr. Martin knows that environmental substances can lead to numerous health conditions. Through his practice, Dr. Martin assists clients in determining the underlying cause of certain conditions. Once the responsible toxins are identified for, say, a chronic headache, Dr. Martin can create a plan that supports the body in restoring a higher level of health.

Dr. Martin defines toxins as substances that create imbalances within the body. These imbalances may manifest as physical, psychological, or emotional. Additionally, the toxins for which Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota screens come in two varieties: exogenous (from the environment) and endogenous (produced by the body). Dr. Martin tests his clients for over 700 different toxins when they turn to him for support. Here are some of the most common exogenous issues that he finds:

  • Tap water
  • Mercury
  • Aluminum
  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • Other heavy metals
  • Pesticides
  • Formaldehyde
  • Parasites
  • Solvents
  • Fuel
  • Industrial substances
  • Nitrosamines
  • Bacteria (including streptococcus, staphylococcus, and salmonella)
  • Viruses (including Epstein-Barr, the flu, Cytomegalo virus, Herpes, and HIV)
  • Smog
  • Petrochemicals
  • Coffee
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar
  • Preservatives
  • Carbon tetrachloride
  • Chloroform

Toxins of both the exogenous and endogenous varieties are released into the body from several organs. These include the kidneys, colon, liver, lungs, and skin. As they accumulate, they can put stress on the systems of the body, causing them to function improperly. When the levels of these toxins are low they are difficult to detect. However, the center has created a targeted nutritional analysis system to measure these substances.

By using this system, which is called TNA, Dr. Martin and his team can profile the toxins affecting a client. As such, they can pinpoint the exact causes of whatever condition or discomfort the client is experiencing. From that point, Dr. Martin creates a care plan that targets the removal of these toxins while optimizing the ability of the body to function properly.

If toxins are not detected early, a client may experience toxicity. Toxicity causes two different illnesses: nonspecific and specific.

  • Nonspecific illness: This sign of toxicity is not well defined in that the symptoms associated with this condition are difficult to categorize. Some of the things a client with this issue may experience include headaches, bad breath, depression, and insomnia. Additionally, fatigue, allergies, muscle stiffness, and more may occur.
  • Specific illness: The symptoms that fall into this category are easier to understand. These include arthritis, the flu, tumors, migraine, psoriasis, sinusitis, and immune deficiencies, among others.

Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota understands that, over the years, the world has become a more toxic place. The food that people eat, the water they drink, and the air they breathe have become inundated with harmful substances. The very soil in which fresh fruits and vegetables are grown can cause toxins to enter the body. But the natural world is not the only environment that creates toxicity.

The lifestyle lived by much of today’s population is loaded with dangerous elements. For instance, fast food, excessive alcohol, caffeine, and other popular foods and beverages can prevent the body from functioning properly. Additionally, use of recreational drugs and prescription pharmaceuticals can introduce harmful substances into the body. In many instances, the systems of the body cannot rid themselves of these toxins on their own.

Even when exposure to a certain toxin is low, interacting with multiple substances can create a “toxic cocktail.” When this happens, low level exposure of different substances compounds, creating health concerns. This can weaken the immune system and allow other illnesses to take hold.

The extent to which toxicity damages the body depends upon multiple factors. For instance, the amount of the substance to which an individual is exposed can greatly impact how it affects their body. Additionally, the frequency of exposure, ability of the body to eliminate the toxins, and tolerance of the substance also play a role.

Nutrition Wellness Center Sarasota: Detoxification Promotes Health

Naturally, the body has several ways to detoxify its systems. Through the respiratory, digestive, urinary, and dermal organs the body is able to purge itself of these harmful substances in many cases. However, if exposure is prolonged or an individual is subjected to a large amount of a toxin, the body may not have the ability to protect itself in this way.

Dr. Martin understands that many elements play a role in the healthy functioning of the body. Most important is the ability of the body to call upon the support of essential vitamins and nutrients. This is why nutritional concerns are of central importance to the professionals at the center. By adjusting one’s diet, Dr. Martin can promote wellbeing by encouraging the body to function as it is intended.

Clients from across the country have benefitted from the assistance of Dr. Martin and his team. Through their insight, individuals have learned to understand how their environment can impact their health. Additionally, clients have accessed the support they need to improve their wellbeing. This is the ultimate goal of Dr. Martin and the rest of the professionals at the center.

Through education, targeted care plans, and exceptional client support, Dr. Martin ensures that individuals have the resources they need to achieve their health goals. By supporting the natural functioning of the body, Dr. Martin helps clients enhance their quality of life. Through his guidance, clients are able to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota is dedicated to assisting clients in optimizing their health. Through the help of Dr. Martin, clients improve their wellbeing each and every day. Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota looks forward to continuing to provide the guidance clients need.

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Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota is a wonderful place
Jan 07, 2013 by Jerry

Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota is a wonderful place to visit whether you have a medical need or are just feeling out of sorts. Dr. Martin and his team are so helpful, and they are great at supporting the wellbeing of their clients!

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